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Mooyoung CM


(MooYoung-Knowledge Information SyStem)

The core drive to create high-added value knowledge constantly and improve work productivity
MY-KISS of MOOYOUNG CM, the center of the Knowledge Management (KM)

Knowledge Management

MOOYOUNG CM has the goal of systemizing the active knowledge creation and sharing in organization. To achieve the goal, the company operates the knowledge management system called ‘MooYoung Knowledge Information System’ which is applied systematically to find each member’s knowledge, information, and know-how, share them as the universal knowledge in organization and remarkably, and improve the problem-solving ability of the organization.
The system makes it possible to share all organizational available knowledge including MOOYOUNG knowledge, improve work process efficiency, the development of management technology, and market responses, and enhance corporate competitiveness.

Mobile Interoperation

Enable to open PMIS materials through mobile while moving outside or in field inspection (safety, environment, minutes, etc.)

Enable to open design drawings in real time through mobile at the time of field measurement in order to perform measurement and quality check

Enable to immediately photograph the regions pointed out in field inspection and to support attachment at the time of preparing correctire directions

Enable to solve problems through mobile calling at the time when it is necessary to provide expert advice in head office

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