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Mooyoung CM

BIM Consulting Service

(building information modelling)

BIM specialized for construction management

The purpose of BIM in the CM/CS area should be different from those of design BIM and construction BIM. MOOYOUNG CM provides the BIM technology optimized for construction management and supervision, and guarantees project owners’ profits.

Global Options

Organizations with BIM Application
  • The Bank of Korea
    2015.09.09 ~ 2020.08.12
  • Advanced Outpatient Center of Seoul National University Hospital
    2015.02.05 ~ 2019.01.10
  • National Air and Space Museum
    2016.12.29 ~ 2019.10.14
Professional Human Resources
  • 37 specialists with BIM certificate and continuous & company-wide education
  • Concept Education

    Education for all employees at field sites and head office

    Technology Education

    Education of BIM tools & project management program

    Management Education

    Workshop of the persons completing technical education program and project work-level employees
Detailed Service Items of BIM
  • STEP 01

    Tender & Order Support
  • STEP 02

    Establishment of BIM Goal
  • STEP 03

    BIM Guidelines & Standard
  • STEP 04

    Integrated Engineering Analysis
  • STEP 05

    Project Analysis
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